There’s a new trend right now in the influencer world, the trend to romanticize life. And honestly, this is probably one of the most helpful trends the influencer life has given us – the time to slow down, to find the joy in the small moments, to care for the soul in a wholistic way.Continue reading “Romantic”


I’ve always loved Sundays. I know that isn’t incredibly common, but Sundays growing up were days to start over. Galva: Sundays might have been the only day I rolled out of bed the moment my eyes opened. My grandma and dad always had a hard time sleeping, so I would hear movement and quiet whispersContinue reading “Sundays”

Atomic Habits

(Ideal) Habits I’d like to adopt: Become more productive at work Finish workouts well and with determination Play piano more consistently Send one political email per week Drink less wine What do these say about my identity? “Decide who you want to be. Prove it to yourself in small wins.” I want to become someoneContinue reading “Atomic Habits”

Hello, it’s me

Well, here I am. Welcome to my mind, Internet. In a world where all of my personal information floats around for middle school hackers to find, I suppose it’s only fitting that my musings and memories make their way here, too. In reality, why does anyone start a blog? My guess is that only aContinue reading “Hello, it’s me”

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